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Insurance exists so you can relax!

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  • Liability
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  • Accident

It is better to pay a small amount to cover a given risk and have peace of mind than to face a huge outlay in the event of an accident.

If you let us help you with your insurance, you’ll always come out ahead. We will compare your policy with our more optimally priced alternative. We can also review the coverage in your current policy to see if it matches your needs. We often find that policies cover unneeded contingencies but leave others uncovered. In the end, we offer you a proposal for an alternative policy and explain it to you personally point-by-point. If we see that your current policy is better than ours in terms of price and coverage, we will advise you to keep it. You win, because you can feel confident about your policy after it has been reviewed by an expert. If our policy is better, you also win because you get a better price, more comprehensive coverage or both.

Another advantage of taking out insurance through an agent like Mariné Assessors instead of directly with the insurance company or a bank is personalised service. The same person will always help you, and we always have your file at hand. You can submit accident claims through us, and we will always keep you abreast of developments. Yet the cost to you is the same as if you worked directly with the insurance company.

We are pleased to offer a full range of insurance, including life, accident, auto, household, company, liability, health...

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"Mar, Rosa’s colleague, showed me a proposal for an insurance policy for my flat. I already had a very cheap policy from another company and I imagined Mar would show me a much more expensive one.

But after comparing their coverage and conditions, the price was comparable. In the end, I paid a little more because I decided to add further coverage, things that were missing in my original policy.

So if I already had a good, cheap policy, why did I change? Because I know that one day, when I have to call about an accident, I’ll talk to Mar and she’ll take care of everything. I didn’t have the same confidence in my old insurer."

Paul Racette
Coté-Terradas Arquitectos


Rosa Tarragó
Head of Insurance and Customer Service & Founding partner


Mar Ferrero
Expert in insurance


Mariné-Tarrago Assessors SLP | Emili Botey 20, baixos, 08402 Granollers - Barcelona | Tel: +34 93 860 41 97 | Fax: +34 93 879 46 48 |

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