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Mariné-Tarrago Assessors SLP | Emili Botey 20, baixos, 08402 Granollers - Barcelona | Tel: +34 93 860 41 97 | Fax: +34 93 879 46 48 |

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Consulting and Accounting


Our goal is to provide services and knowledge in the areas of economic management, taxation, labour consulting, legal advice and insurance. Our 20 years in business coupled with our solid team of qualified professionals with extensive experience endorse us.

Insurance exists so you can relax.

It is better to pay a small amount to cover a given risk and have peace of mind than to face a huge outlay in the event of an accident.

Consulting Solutions – A Solid Team

Economic Tax Accounting Labour

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Creating a company means fulfilling a dream. It is perhaps one of the most important things that will require the greatest effort in your life. Just as a sapling grows to become a tree that bears fruit, companies also require constant care from the very outset. Our mission is to accompany you in this venture and to help you avoid stumbling upon complicated accounting, tax, labour and legal issues.

Carles Mariné y Rosa Tarragó
Founders & Partners

Serving your company

Barcelona  A great city to
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