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  • Keep your own accounts without having to hire an accountant.
  • Connect to our server any day at any time of day.
  • Work with accounting from anyplace with an Internet hook-up

At Mariné Assessors we have developed a computer programme which has all the functions needed to keep track of a company’s accounting and invoicing without the need for in-depth knowledge of accounting. This is because the programme is broken down into simple, user-friendly screens where data can be entered by administrative staff. Specifically, there is one module for invoices issued, another for invoices received and another for capital. They are all easy to understand. Later, Mariné Assessors performs the necessary checks and enters the items that require more extensive knowledge of accounting. In addition to keeping the official accounts and legal books, the programme also keeps track of invoices pending payment and offers monthly reports on the company’s financial status.

There are several different installation options: as an independent programme in your offices or connected directly to our service with Internet-based access.


Carles Mariné Torrent,
Diploma in Computer Science


Mariné-Tarrago Assessors SLP | Emili Botey 20, baixos, 08402 Granollers - Barcelona | Tel: +34 93 860 41 97 | Fax: +34 93 879 46 48 |

Legal, Credits: Munch & Strom - Design & Communication

Computer Accounting Programme


Serving your company

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