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All companies are required to keep accounting books.

  • Keep using your favourite accounting programme, and we’ll track the coherence of the information.
  • Let our staff take care of your accounting in our offices.
  • Install our computer programme and keep your company’s accounts easily. We train your staff.

All companies are required to keep accounting books. Accounting is used to keep track of the company’s finances, but it can also become an administrative burden that businesspeople want to avoid. For this reason, our company is poised to provide a variety of accounting services to assist business owners.

1. Our customer uses their own accounting system in their company with their staff. In this case, we check the system and provide instructions on how to properly enter unusual line items such as depreciation, annual closings, etc.

2. Our customer’s own staff enters the accounting but has no computer programme, or the one that they have does not work optimally. In this case, we can supply them with our own CMP accounting programme and teach their staff an easy way to enter the figures.

3. Should the company have no staff to enter the accounting information or not wish to be burdened with this job, we also offer the option of taking care of all the accounting at our office.

4. 24/7 connection. Through our Private Virtual Network system, we offer the option of access to your accounts from anyplace with an Internet hook-up, any day of the week at any time of day. All you need is for us to set up access to our network on your computer.

Outsourcing your accounting may also be a good way to cut major administrative costs.

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Marcelo Nemerovsky
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